Competitive Analysis of Cat Café Websites



“What is everyone else doing on their websites? How do I stack up? How do I stand out?”


What I Did

I performed a Competitive Analysis for Seattle Meowtropolitan, a local Cat Café. I used the competitive analysis to find “best practices” for cat café websites. I used the analysis to make recommendations for Seattle Meowtropolitan.


I delivered research-based recommendations to the client. When Seattle Meowtropolitan redesigns their website, they will have a list of actionable suggestions to improve their site.

The Competitors

The Cat Café

Meow Parlour

KitTea Cat Café

Purrington’s Cat Lounge

The Process

I followed the competitive analysis process outlined here on Content Insight’s blog. The following image is linked to a Google Sheets spreadsheet where you can view the table in more detail.

Each website was scored on 15 yes or no questions. These questions probed for gut-level responses to important business-related goals. For example, for each site I asked, “Can a brand new website visitor immediately identify that this website is for a cat café?”

For Seattle Meowtropolitan, the answer is “meh, sort of”, for a score of 1. This is important for the business to know because the answer should be a resounding “YES”. New visitors should know immediately what their company is about.


I can run a successful competitive analysis for your organization. Whether it be on your own site, or for external clients, I can use this analytic process to create valuable insights into website content and design. This is especially relevant for determining how a website stands in comparison to competitors.