UX Writing for Mobile


Assignment: name new UX elements

During my internship at PicMonkey I worked with the UX team to name new interactions and features on the mobile app. I created a prototype of the relevant user flow, tested it with users, and made my final recommendations. As you will see from the example below, naming conventions I suggested were implemented in the latest mobile app update.

My naming suggestions:     Current mobile app:




Creating a prototype

It can be hard to find the perfect name for UI buttons, because alternatives are very similar, yet it isn’t obvious which will be the most user friendly. In order to find out what buttons resonated the best from a usibility standpoint, I created a quick prototype in Sketch and InVision, and began testing with users.

Guerilla User Testing


I wasn’t expected to run a usability test when I was assigned this project at PicMonkey. They were looking for recommendations from me as a writer, but I decided to go above and beyond and get some real user input. I made a simple prototype, and used friends and family to test the product. Although I knew them, I tried my best to remain objective and not ask leading questions.


To find out which UI names worked the best, I simply walked the users through creating a new design, explaining what each button did. Then, I would show users multiple options of different button names. Then I asked them which they preffered. I kept track of which names were the most popular.


I also asked the user why they preferred a given name. Over time trends emerged. For example, users strongly preffered “canvas size” over “frame size”, because they didn’t understand what “frame” meant in this context.


After testing with my sixth user, it became clear which names were preferable. The UI button names I recommended made it into the final app design. Also, I got to use my creativity to come up with names for the design patterns seen below. Love Bug, Buble Wrap, Skinny Zebra, Copacabana, Finesse, Zen Garden — That’s all me. I enjoyed working with the UX team to create a product that PicMonkey fans use every day.